Sixal Inc.

Sixal is changing the face of severe food allergy by developing and optimizing first-in-class preventative treatments for ALL severe IgE-mediated food allergy

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Getting you back to enjoying the best things in life without fear.

Fast Facts

Every 3 minutes…

a patient is admitted to an ER for food allergy-anaphylaxis in the United States alone.

It’s an epidemic

The rate of severe allergic reactions to foods has increased by 377% over the past decade.

And it’s not just peanuts

74% of anaphylactic food reaction claims do not involve peanuts and 66% of peanut allergic patients are allergic to another food.

Significant public health and economic costs point to a clear unmet need

  • Severe food allergy effects approximately 2% of the US population and about 4% of children
  • Costs the US economy over $25 billion every year

Pull up a Chair and Help us Change the Face of Severe Food Allergy